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Canine Coat Testing

VetGen offers panel testing for color in dogs. Sample collection is via oral cheek swabs (included in the price) and testing takes around two weeks if we get a result on the first try. Please note that you may not receive all the color reports on the same day.

  • d = dilute (undiscovered in some breeds)
  • e = yellow/cream/white-cream-apricot-red
  • b = black vs chocolate,liver
  • Ay = fawn/sable
  • "a" = recessive black
  • at = tan points (phantom)
  • k = re tan points, tri color, brindling and whether these can be expressed in the coat or not (this test is viewed in conjunction with all three A tests to determine part of the color evaluation)
  • S = white patches (parti,piebald etc.)
  • EM = mask
  • F = Furnishings (improper coat)
  • C = curly
  • CL = coat length (long vs short,texture)
  • Cocoa = French Bulldogs only - primary chocolate gene
  • Comprehensive E Locus Panel

Some panels (K,Ay,a,at) are comprehensive testing for tri color which is not due to just a single mutation. We strongly encourage panel testing since once it is complete, and also for the prospective mate, the color scientists here can give more complete answers re probabilities for offspring.

These panels can be found on your breed specific shopping cart page.

Pricing for individual coat tests instead of panels is:

Dog #1
First coat test = $40
Any additional coat tests same dog = $20 each

Dog #2
First coat test = $40
Any additional coat tests same dog= $20 each

As you click on Animal #1 etc, in the shopping cart, you will see the prices discount accordingly.

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