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Malinois Behavior

Researchers at the University of California Davis have identified a Poly(A) Expansion in the Dopamine Transporter that is associated with differences in behavior and activity in Belgian Malinois.

The Poly A(22) gene sequence was found to be associated with seizure, “glazing over” behaviors, episodic biting behaviors and activity levels. The findings support an effect of Poly A(22) on dopamine transporter function that is related to activity.

Dogs with 2 copies of Poly A(22) (genotype Poly A(22)/Poly A(22)) were more active than dogs with no copies genotype 0/0 (p = 0.023, Bonferroni-adjusted); dogs with genotype 0/PolyA(22) were intermediate between dogs with genotypes 0/0 and PolyA(22)/PolyA(22)

Dogs with two copies of the A22 gene sequence meant a high risk of high level of activity accompanied by adverse behaviors. Even one copy could be associated with those behaviors.