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MTC - Macrothrombocytopenia

Macrothrombocytopenia ( MTC ) is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait The name is derived from the words macro (large) and thrombocyte (platelets), cells that assist in the blood clotting function. It is characterized by low platelet values and the presence of some larger than normal platelets in circulation. Unlike acquired macrothrombocytopenia (thrombocytopenias secondary to infectious agents, medications, immune-mediated causes), this form does not respond to treatment. A mutation in the beta-1 tubulin gene has been identified as the cause in a number of breeds.

Result types: Clear, Affected heterozygous(one copy), Affected homozygous (2 copies)

These result types are additive, meaning that:
Affected heterozygous (one copy) dog is slightly affected
Affected homozygous (two copies) dog is more seriously affected