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OFA Registry of VetGen Disease Test Results

The OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, has created a voluntary registry for any VetGen DNA DISEASE test results. Color results are not registered.

VetGen now offers a service for registration of test results with OFA.

Provide the $10.00 discount OFA registration fee to us by visa, mastercard, or US funds check or money order and we will forward the fee, along with your finished test result data, to the registry. Please make checks payable to VetGen. Per OFA request, submissions of test results and fees are made only on a monthly basis. You will still receive the original disease test report from VetGen.

Registering your results with the OFA leads to the creation of a CHIC number useful for advertising your dog’s test results in a simpler manner than listing all of them yourself. Interested customers can search on your dog’s CHIC number at and see a list of all the completed disease test results from various labs.