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  • Dachshund-Standard Longhaired
  • Dachshund-Standard Smooth
  • Dachshund-Standard Wirehaired

OI-BBD - Osteogenesis Imperfecta - Brittle Bone Disease

Osteogenesis Imperfecta - Brittle Bone Disease OI-BBD is a condition that impairs the dog's ability to manufature a collagen protein which provides elasticity to the bones. Clinical signs of the disease include reduce bone density, joint pain and bone and teeth fractures. It is usually fatal within the first few weeks after birth.

In Beagles and Golden Retrievers, the disease is inherited in an Autosomal Dominant manner meaning that dogs only need to inherit one copy of the mutated gene to develop the disease.

In Dachshunds the disease is inherited as a recessive trait, with only pups inheriting two copies of the mutation exhibiting the characteristic fragile bones and teeth. The mutation is found in all types of Dachshund and in a large study of European animals the overall carrier rate was about 12%. The test we offer is for the mutation found in the SERPINHI gene in Dachshunds.