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Correlation of DNA test with factor assay

Two studies were performed to look at the correlation between the VetGen DNA test and the von Willebrand's factor assay test results. The tables below show three overlaid histograms comparing the VetGen DNA test results of clear, carrier and affected with the factor assay test results.

The data for the Dobermans was gathered by VetGen in the course of it's testing and with the help of Doberman Owner/Exhibitor Penny Cary, who assisted in collecting data of Assay Results from subscribers to the DOBERWORLD-L and UDC-L listservs. The Poodle data was collected from owner/breeder volunteers by VetGen as it was validating the DNA test in this breed.

The data shows wide variability and indeterminate overlapping tails in the distributions between affected and carrier and between carrier and clear for the factor assay results. The histograms clearly demonstrate the difficulty and uncertainty of determining the dog's phenotype when using the factor assay test.

Doberman Pinscher correlation of DNA Test and vWF factor assay chart
Poodle correlation of DNA Test and vWF factor assay chart

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