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SD2-Skeletal Dysplasia 2 - Short Legs

Skeletal dysplasia 2 is a conformation related test based on research done at the University of Bern in Switzerland. The group of European researchers identified a mutation in a collagen gene responsible for a very mild form of dwarfism. This is NOT a test for the more extreme form of dwarfism found in Labrador Retrievers. While originally described in Europe, we have detected this in the U.S. population, although too few dogs have been tested to know anything of frequency.

This is a recessively inherited condition. Labradors affected (2 copies) with this mutation will have a shoulder height that is on average only about 5 centimeters lower than the breed standard accepts. There is a great deal of overlap between affected animals and “normal” animals that just happen to be small. No other joint or ocular problems seem to be associated with this condition. It is found primarily in working lines.

Result Types: Clear, Carrier, Affected