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Q. Are oral cheek swabs as good as a blood sample?
A.   It is the same DNA collected by both means. We have found no difference in using either sample type.
Q. How soon after birth can I DNA test my animal?
A.   Since DNA is the same from birth, you may take the sample as soon as you are comfortable putting the swab into the mouth. We recommend isolating the animal(s) to be sampled for one hour to prevent cross-contamination of DNA.
Q. Do I have to use all the swabs?
A.   Please use all the swabs in a kit for one animal. One kit is sufficient DNA for any number of tests. For example, use one kit for coat color as well as for disease testing for the same animal. We do, however, provide separate kits for DNA Storage, profile, parentage, breed identification, and DCM testing.
Q. I paid for the DNA testing. Why can't I be told the results?
A.  VetGen confidentiality is formed with those indicated under "RESULTS GO TO" on the submission form that comes into the lab with the DNA sample. If the kit was sent or given to someone else, they must include your name, phone, fax or email for our confidentiality to be extended. Even being listed as "Owner" of the animal does not extend confidentiality.
Q. I don't see my breed listed on the Price Sheet under disease tests. Do you do disease testing for my breed?
A.  All VetGen disease testing is breed specific. As soon as a new test becomes available it is included in the shopping cart.
Finding Tests for your Breed
Q.We have just adopted a dog from the shelter. Can VetGen do a DNA test to see what breed or breeds it is?
A.   VetGen offers three distinct DNA-based breed idenitification tests. Our new Wisdom Panel tests can determine the ancestry of a Mixed Breed dog, or it can give you the peace of mind that you own a true Designer Dog with purebred parents or even evaluate the genetic patterns of your dog in comparision to the genetic signatures observed in our database of known Purebred dogs.

Vetgen can also perform a parentage test involving DNA collected from two registered purebred parents and the offspring in question to prove breed in some situations.

Here are the links to the more information about those tests talked about in the answer.
Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed Indentification Test
Wisdom Panel Designer Dog Identification Test
Wisdom Panel Purebred Identification Test
Profiling/Parentage Service

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