VetGen - The leader in veterinary genetic disease research and genetic disease detection services for purebred animals

How you can help

VetGen strongly encourages interested breeders and owners to assist in the collection of informative DNA samples for genetic diseases being studied and submit them to the lab to expedite this crucial canine genetic research (please review page entitled, "Optimal Pedigree Types" for a detailed explanation).

Note that VetGen supplies DNA Sample Collection Instructions and non-invasive soft-bristle swabs. These swabs are gently scrubbed on the inside of the dog's mouth in order to obtain cheek cells. Because these cells are a very stable source of DNA, collected samples can then be returned to VetGen by regular mail.

Please also note that in all cases strict confidentiality is maintained between VetGen and DNA sample providers. Every DNA sample submitted is coded upon receipt, making references to a specific dog's identity and genetic status entirely confidential.

Remember, in order for research to progress, and to have additional disease detection services introduced as rapidly as possible, VetGen's researchers are dependent on the assistance of dog breeders and owners. The researchers must have access to DNA samples.