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  • Karelian Bear Dog
  • Norwegian Elkhound

(CD-ITGA)-Chondrodysplasia, ITGA

The skeletal dysplasias are disorders of the bone and cartilage tissues. Chondrodysplasia (often referred to as CD ) is the name given to a group of multisystem, metabolic disorders of skeletal development, primarily characterized by mild to moderate growth deficiency, short stature, and bilateral or asymmetric shortening and/or bowing of the legs. Chondrodysplasia means, literally, faulty cartilage and dysplasia is a general term that is applied to abnormal growth.

Canine chondrodysplasia in the Norwegian Elkhound and Karelian Bear Dog breeds is an autosomal recessive disease caused by a truncating mutation in collagen-binding Integrin Alpha Subunit 10 (CD-ITGA). The affected dogs suffer from disproportionate short stature dwarfism of varying severity.

Result types: Clear, Carrier, Affected