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In addition to offering genetic testing services for the detection of color genes and of targeted canine diseases, VetGen offers two additional valuable services. These services, DNA Profiling and DNA Storage, can be ordered at the time a genetic test is requested, or at any other time, independent of other testing.

DNA Profiling & Parentage

VetGen encourages you to have your dog DNA Profiled to establish positive identification - a DNA "fingerprint". Some of the reasons why you may wish to utilize this service include:

  1. If you wish to register with the OFA the results of your dog's genetic disease test, positive identification is required. VetGen's DNA Profiling service satisfies this requirement. Simply submit to the OFA a copy of the VetGen DNA Analysis Summary Report which includes your dog's disease test results along with a copy of the VetGen Profile Certificate for your dog in order to satisfy the OFA's requirements for registration.
  2. VetGen's DNA Profiling service positively identifies an animal in the event that it is stolen and subsequently recovered by another party.
  3. This service can be used to verify or exclude parentage. DNA from dam, offspring and possible sires are compared.
Note: A DNA Profle does not contain any other information such as traits or inherited diseases. It is solely for distingushing one dog from another.

Besides the profiling and parentage services for Canines, VetGen also provides DNA Profiling and DNA Parentage testing services for Cats, Horses, Pigs, Cattle, Sheep and Goats. (For horse, please click EQUINE tab at the top.)

To order Profiling or Parentage, please email vetGen at

If you live in USA and Canada, you can also contact us via phone at 1-800-483-8436

VetGen's DNA Storage

VetGen can store your dog's DNA sample for ten (10) years. Some of the reasons why you might want to utilize this service include:

  1. As VetGen continues to develop new DNA tests for genetic diseases, you can use your stored DNA to test your dog instead of repeating the sample collection process.
  2. As VetGen develops new DNA tests for canine genetic characteristics other than diseases, you can use your stored DNA to test your dog instead of repeating the sample collection process.
  3. Stored DNA can be used for dog identification or parentage determination at a later date.
Pricing & Ordering Form to order G302 DNA Storage and obtain sample collection kit.

Sample Collection

For both DNA Profiling and DNA Storage, VetGen's sample collection process is easy, safe, and can be done in your home. By following the simple instructions provided in VetGen's Sample Collection Kit, dog owners and breeders collect DNA samples using a soft cheek brush. By gently brushing the inside of the dog's cheek, cells containing DNA are removed. It is this DNA sample that VetGen uses for profiling and storage, and for genetic testing, if ordered.