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CIM (Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus)

Megaesophagus is a condition brought about when food does not get transported properly into the stomachs of affected puppies. It is most common in German Shepherd Dogs, but is seen in other breeds. Researchers at Clemson University have reported two significant findings associated with CIM in GSDs. First, there is a sex component to the disorder. Males are more likely than females to develop megaesophagus. This is presumably due to a protective X chromosome element. More significantly, the Clemson team identified an autosomal risk allele. This risk allele is the most common of three variations seen at a site near the MCHR2 (Melanin concentrating hormone receptor 2) gene. Animals with a single copy of the risk allele (1) have a slightly elevated chance of being affected, while those with two copies have a significantly higher chance of being affected. We offer a test for this risk allele.

Inheritance: complex

Result types (common)
1/1 TWO copies the CIM risk allele
1/3 ONE copy of the CIM risk allele
3/3 ZERO copies of the CIM risk allele

Result types (rare)
1 /2 ONE copy of the CIM risk allele
2/2 ZERO copies of the CIM risk allele
2/3 ZERO copies of the CIM risk allele
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