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Confidentiality Policy

VetGen Laboratory has a very strict confidentiality policy. This encourages testing and thus, hopefully, the elimination of disease by means of careful breeding strategies. VetGen only releases testing information to the person(s) listed in the SEND RESULTS TO section of the submission form that arrives with the DNA sample. The lab does not acknowledge who tests with us, or which animals, for this reason.

There are two means by which you may verify test results:

  1. Obtain a copy of the VetGen test result and then fax or mail it to us. The release of a copy nullifies our obligation of confidentiality in this case for the one test and we will verify the correctness of the copy.
  2. Check with any registry that was created for voluntary submission of VetGen disease test results.

The original customer can always obtain a copy from us for you at no charge.
Contact us at or 800-483-8436 9-4 eastern.

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