VetGen DNA testing and services available for Labrador Retriever

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DNA Disease Testing  
CNM-Centronuclear Myopathy D228   
CT Copper Toxicosis & ATP7A Gene D374   
CMS-Congenital Myasthemic Syndrome D351   
Cystinuria D291   
DM SOD1-A D264   
PRA prcd D415   
EIC-Exercise Induced Collapse D237   
HNPK D293   
HU-Hyperuricosuria D243   
MTC-Macrothrombocytopenia D268   
MCD-Macular Corneal Dystrophy D344   
PK deficiency D256   
PRA (crd4/cord-1) D231   
PRA (GR-PRA2) D262   
Narcolepsy D295   
SD2-Skeletal Dysplasia 2 D288   
X-linked myotubular myopathy D287   

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